Trying a Spanish Meal on Our Honeymoon

My wife and I honeymooned in Singapore. I asked her where she would like to go, and she did not hesitate in telling me Singapore. I honestly didn’t care where we went as long as we were spending eight days completely alone. We got a honeymoon cottage at one of the hotels, and we had our own private section of beach with it. It was simply gorgeous, and we did not even leave our little cottage for the first two days. Someone told us we should try the La Ventana Spanish restaurant if we enjoy that kind of food, so we decided on the third day to venture out beyond just the beach.

The hotel food was delicious, but we were looking for a nice intimate setting where we had a bigger selection. Neither of us had ever tried Spanish food, but we are both the type to not back away from something simply because we are not used to it. As soon as we looked at the menu, we knew that we were not only going to be okay in this restaurant but that we were also going to enjoy it a good bit too. Continue

How Women Can Get Ahead of the Retirement Savings Gap


When it comes to saving for retirement, women might be pleased to learn that they are more likely to enroll in their workplace savings plans than men and to save at higher rates. That’s the good news, according to a just-released study by investment management company Vanguard.

The not-so-good news is that, even though women are setting aside a higher percentage of their incomes for retirement, their account balances remain smaller than those of male workers. In fact, Vanguard found that men who participated in workplace savings plans had account balances that were 50 percent larger on average than women participants.

What’s more troubling is that a separate study by Financial Finesse — a workplace financial wellness provider — showed that women’s shortfalls in retirement savings were exacerbated by the fact that they need bigger nest eggs than men. Not only do women live longer, but they also have higher healthcare costs throughout their lives.

“If you as a woman want to ensure your financial independence, you have to save more than a man does,” said Kelley Long, a certified financial planner with Financial Finesse.

How much

Is Now the Time for Reverse Mortgages for Baby Boomers?

alk about back from the dead. About 15 years ago, so-called reverse mortgages — which let senior citizens pull out equity from their homes to supplement retirement income — were just about buried in bad press. Too many bad products and bad deals gave them a terrible rep, said Casey Fleming, a mortgage adviser in Northern California.

But that was then. Now there’s a shift. “Reverse mortgages are becoming more popular, as baby boomers retire,” said Jamie Hopkins, a professor of retirement at the American University of Financial Services in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. “In the next two to three years you will see a tremendous amount more. A lot of our wealth is built into home equity. This will be a saving grace for a lot of baby boomers.

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Both experts are right, but many things have happened that effectively have put reverse mortgages on the financial planning agenda for some baby boomers. The main thing is: boomers may need the money. Many are coming up woefully short when it comes to retirement savings and investments.

Avoid These 10 Retail Scams That Target Holiday Shoppers

While you shop for gifts for your friends and family members this holiday shopping season, don’t fall victim to the schemes that retailers use to take advantage of your holiday spirit and eagerness to get a good deal. Learn the most popular retail tricks and why they often work so you can avoid or overcome them this holiday season.

1. They Relax You With Carefully Chosen Music

Think of how noise around you often affects your mood. Head into a store with loud, disruptive music or yelling, and you’ll likely want to get your shopping done and get out of there as soon as possible.

But research reported by the American Psychological Association and European Journal of Scientific Research shows that when you go into a store with relaxing music, you are much more likely to spend more time in the store. Spending more time in a store can lead to spending more money before you leave.

Shoppers who hear classical music while shopping, for example, might spend more money than they planned because classical music is connected to the perception of affluence, reported U.S. News. This tactic is used more frequently during the holiday season, according

Binary Options as a Career for Stay at Home Mom or Women on Maternity Leave

Would you love to resign your job to stay at home full-time with your children? Are you on maternity leave with your new baby?

Being a stay at home mom is, and always has been, a full-time job that, unfortunately, nobody pays you for. Most of your day is spent running around after children as well as cleaning and tidying up the house. As a result, at there is very little to no time at all for you to sit and take a moment to breathe, let alone contribute to the family income.

The Good News

The world we live in today has changed to a large degree, technology is a lot smarter, it is easier to earn a living by working from home. It is thus possible for the stay-at-home mom to contribute substantially to the household income.

How is this possible? How can I stay at home, look after my children, as well as earn an income?

Like everything in life,  the internet is full of blog posts with multiple solutions to this problem; the challenge is that most of these solutions are difficult to implement as they require a large amount of time and money. However, there is one solution available to

Don’t Let Emotions Get to You When Making Financial Decisions

Humans are at the end of the day emotional beings. We are driven by them, shaped by them. We allow our emotional memory of an event shape how we will deal with similar situations in the future.

This is true for financial situations. A negative experience with a certain kind of methodology or transaction process will easily deter someone from using it again, despite the potential to make massive profit. We allow greed, anger and disappointment to cloud our better judgement and void our reasoning and logic, a fatal error in a world that requires the clearest of minds and soundest of judgments.

When engaging in financial strategies, you need to have an almost mechanical thinking pattern and to keep your emotions as cool as possible. Working on gut feelings or what your heart is telling you isn’t advisable. One must have a comprehensive understanding of the current market climate and a penchant for analysis and interpretation.

This is especially true in the world of binary options. Many people have become disillusioned by this instrument due to having failed and lost money. They feel betrayed and revaluate something once perceived as a fantastic and easy money-making tool as a robbing trap. They

Tide U over Lender

Tide U Over is a set up association who can familiarize with payday credits on the web. There are different Payday Loans Direct Lenders, for instance, Wonga and Quick quid, however Tide U Over Lender allows your purposes of premium and rhythmic movement condition to be facilitated with a more broad determination of direct banks so you have the best shot of finding an a worthy representative for suit your necessities.

Dependable Lending

Dependable loaning runs as an inseparable unit with capable obtaining. We will along these lines guarantee that all moneylenders embrace moderateness appraisals and fulfill themselves that you will have the capacity to reimburse the cash you get. Our point is to help with to locate a fleeting budgetary arrangement as quick as could be allowed to help you through any unforeseen costs.

However please recollect a fleeting advance might be a perfect arrangement on the off chance that you require snappy money to take care of a particular issue or cover unforeseen costs, yet in the event that you are having longer term budgetary issues, then a payday credit may not be ideal for you as they can be costly

As beginners get started in the Forex market?

Forex beginners sometimes seem “thing in itself.” Coming on Forex, novice traders often do not know where to start. Technique opening trades, market analysis, exchange rate movements – all this at first seems incredibly complicated. As a result, beginners often fall into two extremes – to play “at random” or not work at all in the Forex market. Meanwhile, to learn Forex trading for beginners is quite capable.

To work on the Forex market is quite successful. But it is not “at random”. Forex – financial market laws, the main of which can and should be no casino it operates here is not a theory of probability, and to know to become a successful trader.

But to learn at least the most important of these laws, not necessarily to become a graduate of Harvard or economic gurus.

As rightly wrote back in the 1990s, an American journalist (recognizing that Albania has released ADR – American Depositary Receipts): “If Albania has been able to do it, then why is not my barn to do the same?”

To navigate in the Forex market, we should start first of all, to get answers to some basic questions.

How to work on the online trading platform?

The technique works on